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Knowledge is Power. Mind is Power.

MIP Collection is a limited-edition fashion line based on the idea that knowledge is power. Created and owned by Marvin B. Manigault Jr, MIP Collection aims to promote positive messaging, creative self expression and an appreciation for DOPE design.


Be Yourself. Be Original.

Everyone in this world has a unique story or personality that makes them unique or “original”. No two people are the same. Your mind and the way you express yourself (be it through religion, music, dance, art, public speaking, skateboarding, sports etc.) are what make you original.

MIP Collection celebrates that originality in being an exclusive, limited-edition brand: only a small number of any one design will be available, and only for a short time. There will never be a sea of people wearing the same MIP gear because each customer is one of only a few who has that exclusive design.


Max the Cheetah

Max (short for “Maximum”) the Cheetah is represents speed, focus and agility. In high school, Marvin identified as a Track and Field sprinter. To excel as a sprinter, you have to be explosive out of the blocks like a cheetah pursuing its prey.

As a designer, being like a cheetah means finding the most direct way to accomplish goals and sticking to them no matter how windy the path.


The Cheetah can run faster than any other land animal, in short bursts. Covering distances up to 500 m (1,600 ft) with the ability to accelerate from 0 to over 62 mph in five seconds, they epitomize giving 100% effort or going the “Max.”
Max represents the quint essential MIP customer: someone who has motivation to accomplish their goals no matter what.

Marvin’s Story

I started in middle school drawing my characters on blank T-shirts and Dickies pants (remember those?) with puff paint, fabric markers, sharpies and more. Since then, I have gravitated towards things that are unique and that not everyone else has. The “Be Original” tagline was one of my earliest ways of expressing my individuality as an artist and encouraging those around me to stand out in their own right. 

Over time, the creations of designers working for brands like FUBU, Ecko, Nike, Southpole, Billabong and Delinquent continually inspired me. I would see their work and think “Man, I can design that.” These brands pushed me to pursue my dream of one day owning my own clothing brand. They were my motivation, and so began the Journey of MIP.

Maxx the Cheetah
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