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"Jussie Smollet Theory" : Police & alt-right creating a false narrative of BLM. • by Shaun Harrison

So this post was a very interesting take, that Shaun Harrison (SH) has on the reports of police and White nationalist agitators during these peaceful BLM protest.

SH • " Yall not gonna like this, but hear me out.... I think Jussie Smollett was before his time... he literally borrowed from the playbook of racist to go against them, an avenue that bc we are on the “side of good” we never step into yet see them rolling out of their playbooks super successfully.

And now with cops breaking into and looting to craft narratives around BLM and dismantle creditbility of movements, alt right/supremacist infiltrating marches to incite riot and sending out opposing info to confuse like they did with #BlackOutTuesday.

For as much as we have tried to fight using the hope that everyone has the moral compass we do... fighting morally inept and corrupt people only works with hope and rainbows in novels and movies. He crafted a narrative the same as they do and have done millions of times in order to rally public opinion towards seeing the evil they incessantly do without much fanfare against it.

Think of it, we know how police have been killing us but it always takes a video or some tangible visual or narrative to push the masses to act in sync. With the overload of videos now and nothing being done my fear is this will meantally become the norm and videos wont even have impact. Jussie while potentially self serving I think cracked up the door that our movements never try to go to, but need to.

With trump crafting a narrative around Antifa a blanket group with no structure, no leaders and only code for people that share a philosophy (being against Nazis and Facisim), the setup they are making of it being no designated a terrorist group and the DEA getting blanket power is protestors will be loosing their human and constitutional rights being grouped with a group that is simply a philosophy and no true structure. They are playing chess with cheat codes we keep playing checkers by the book.... Jussie while getting it completely wrong... had a move that was right to fight back imo."

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