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MIP PROFILE : Lazarius Ken Walker of The Twist

Todays MIP Profile is all about the FOOD!! Lazarius Ken Walker (LW) is making waves in Columbia South Carolina with his awesome dishes and the most expensive crab cake in the WORLD ( Guinness World Record Certified) . Check him and his awesome food out today.

1.What’s your background?

LW • Background is in Biology

2. What does your work aim to say?

LW • My work aims to say that no matter the circumstance you can achieve greatness through perseverance.

3. How do you work or what is your process for creating a dish?

LW • I tend to work better by driving around relaxing. I tend to hop in the car and just go.

4. Who are your biggest influences?

LW • My biggest influences I would say at this moment Jeff Bezos.

5. How have you developed your career?

LW • I’ve developed my career by staying far away from my comfort zone and constantly reinventing myself.

6. How do you seek out opportunities?

LW • I seek out opportunities that are hard to get and challenges me to level up.

7. How did your business survive the COVID 19 lockdown?

LW • It didn’t lol. My business strategy for limited days and hours worked out perfectly during the pandemic.

8. How do you navigate the food world?

LW • I navigate by creating my own unique lane.

9. How do you price your dishes ?

LW • I price my dishes based off the going market and any price increase that may soon be coming.

10.What are your favorite Kicks?

LW • Louboutins Sneakers

To learn more about Lazarius Walker and The Twist visit him on Instagram @thetwistcolumbia

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