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MIP Collection Theme Song • by J.Kirk

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for visiting my site and loging into my first ever blog site " Lets Talk About IT...". This blog will be an extension of my Facebook post and a lot of the subjects that I have posted and had long debates with friends, family & fans. No subject is Taboo, feel free to comment but know that I will not tolerate profanity , bullying or not being tolerant towards the different opinions in the posts.

For my first post I would love for you all to listen to the MIP Collection theme song "Mind Is Power" by my Brother in Christ J.Kirk. This man has a talent like no other , he bodied this track!!! I love listening to this track at the gym when im working out or just getting stuff done through out my day , it gives me a lot of motivation to keep pushing & I hope it does the same for you. You will here snippets of this track as I build my brand and hopefully, one day, create a commercial with this as the music!! GOT TO LOVE THE PROCESS!!! Comment below tell my what you think and share this with your friends.

Thank You & Stay Tuned.

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