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MIP and COVID19 • The Update

Hello everyone!! I pray that you all are being safe during the COVID19 LOCKDOWN!! Its been a really crazy ride for me these last couple of months. Me staying at home working didn't really change but adding my wife being at home, homeschooling my daughter and the surge of digital business project was a little over whelming the first couple of weeks. I think now I am getting into a better routine and keeping a schedule and thats why you are seeing WAY MORE activity on the MIP Collection Website.

Its been really crazy for me during this time because in my circle of friends and family i have had about 10 people being infected by this disease. and out of the 10, 6 died from complication of COVID 19 ( really shocking). I've been keeping myself busy with work and chores around the house but I am constantly distracted by post of people on facebook battle about the misinformation in the US (United States) about the severity of the pandemic. From protest of militia groups vs nurses and doctors and republicans vs democrats its been a pure circus of information. I think with all of this happening it inspired me to design the "Christ over COVID" tee:

The scripture on the back (Joshua 1:9) reminds of God and his promise that we don't need to fear in these uncertain times and that He is always with us. I saw a post , about 1 month ago, someone post the acromym for COVID as "Christ Over Viruses, Infections and Disease" and I loved it , but it wasn't designed at all. I looked for the original source of the breakdown but ended up in a long list of repost and pop up websites. After weeks of redesigns this is my final product and I LOVE it. Well Im going to get back to my daily routine but I would like to keep the conversation going with you all to see how you are doing.

Here are some questions to keep the conversation going:

  • have you been doing ?

  • How much has changed for you during the lockdown?

  • Do you know of anyone in your circle that was affected by the disease ?

  • Do you think the virus isn't that serious ? Why or why not?

  • Do you think the country should reopen? Why or why not?

  • Do you like the new design MIP has released during COVID19?

  • Did you try and cut your own hair yet? Why or why not? lol

I love you all and remember to put God first in everything you do and LOVE your neighbor as yourself.

P.S. I hope during this time of blogging and sharing my writing gets better . lol

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